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New computer, still disallowing hubs?



One of our computers died we use with several DAQ devices. At the time we set up the system they were still with USB 2 and the advice was not to use a hub. Has that changed with the newer equipment or do you still recommend dedicated USB ports on the computer, one for each device?

I'm also concerned about how new versions of Windows power down USB ports if they're not being used. Do you have a workaround?


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We have customers that use hubs, but any time there are unexplained problems, we suggest bypassing them until they can be figured out. Desktop computers that have many ports implement hubs internally. They happen to be better because they internally interface to a PCIe bus instead of funneling the communication through a USB port.  Depending on the MCC device, you should try to stick to USB 2.0. 

I'm sorry, I don't understand the question about power and unused USB ports. That part hasn't changed if you're referring to running the HIDRegUpdater tool to ensure a device like the USB-1024LS remains powered on.

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