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Agilent 34970A and Dasylab changing config type



Recently set up our agilent 34970a running 2 cards with our measuring program which is run by dasylab. Thought the whole setup was working until we noticed a difference in temperatures on a Thermocouple (confirmed this with a external device) In the initial Agilent Benchlink DAtalogger 3 software, all the channels are configured correctly for the TC type K on the channels and DC volts on the other channels.  The agilent is showing the correct config settings on the display, but it seems that when the dasylab program runs, everything works, but it is changing the types of channels to different ones. For example channel 101 is configured for Type K, but when dasylab activates it seems to convert it to the default settings as Type J, and does this for all channels.

This is how we are calling the request from dasylab to the agilent for the channels. Is this what is causing the reset? 


If we want dasylab to use the config on the agilent, what should the request and format be? If we want to scrap the config completely, do I need to ask for more in this line to specify what we are looking to get?



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The DASYLab RS232 Input module can send and receive text strings. When requesting data, it parses the string based on format characters to extract the measurement number. It doesn't know anything about the device attached. It can also send configuration strings when the worksheet is loaded (Options->Reset Command) and when it starts (Options->Start). These happen once and are convenient for programming the device, like setting the thermocouple type. Please review the Agilent/Keysight 34970a programming manual to see how to set the TC type.  I suspect the command is like SEN:TEMP:TRAN:TC:K. After being programmed for a TC type, I suspect MEAS:TEMP?\n would work. If you need more help using the 34970a, you should contact Keysight Tech Support. If you have a question about DASYLab's RS232 Input module, please post it.

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