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Which Raspberry Pi for MCC DAQ HAT products?

Kwan Odqa


Hi,  I am an absolute novice in MCC DAQ HAT.  I am wondering which Raspberry Pi's are supported (and are not supported) and can be used with the MCC-118?

I am also looking for the most basic python code for the most basic real-time voltage DAQ display, plotting and logging (cvs file) for MCC-118 (I am looking into trying out the HAT but I wish to understand how they are used before buying it ;-) ).

Many thanks!

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The MCC DAQ HAT boards do not come with a ready-to-use software program. Instead, examples are provided for C and Python coding. Therefore, I would recommend some programming experience and familiarity with the Linux operating system. If you're comfortable with C, our MCC-118 data logger example displays a couple of channels graphically and saves the data to a file. 

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