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USB-205 Hardware timer



Hello. We are using the USB-205 as the heart of a DAQ system. This includes generating a DIO trigger signal (length is 200 ms. ) to drive some actions. The timing of this is controlled by software (NI Labview) and is working correctly for the most part. However, being a software trigger, this has inherent variability that is dependent on the CPU load of the host computer. 

Is there any option to have a hardware-paced DIO signal on the USB-205? Basically, tell the USN-205 to drive DIO1 to be 5 V for 200 ms (or whatever number of cycles) ?



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On 1/29/2024 at 4:26 PM, JRys said:

The digital IO is controlled strictly by software -there's no hardware pacing available.

Is there any plan to support AOUTSCAN() on this hardware with future firmware updates? Is it a hardware limitation that prevents this from working?

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