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Run miniLAB 1008 app without installing icalsetup.exe



Is it possible to run a C code app for miniLAB 1008 device without installing icalsetup.exe? (I may create my own CB.CFG in \ProgramData\Measurement Computing\DAQ folder and copy cbw32.dll and cbw64.dll to \Program Files (x86)\Measurement Computing\DAQ folder))

In other words, is there a dedicated USB driver for miniLAB 1008 with required other settings?


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We have an example that demonstrates using the device without having to run InstaCal. It is DaqDevDiscovery01, in the following folder:  \Public\Documents\Measurement Computing\DAQ\C\Sample32\. If you lack examples, reinstall InstaCal from our CD download.

You will still need to install InstaCal because that is how our drivers and DLLs are installed. 

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