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Need help designing a LabVIEW block diagram for specific data acquisition and storage




I am currently working with a DAQ device(USB-1808X, USB-2020) from MCC and using LabVIEW to create a block diagram for data storage. My specific requirement is to save data every hour, 10 times, for a duration of 1 minute each time. In essence, if I measure for 5 hours, I should have 50 sets of data, each 1 minute long.

However, I'm encountering difficulties in designing the block diagram to meet this specific requirement. Can anyone provide some guidance or assistance on how to set this up? I would greatly appreciate any help!

Best regards,




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Here is a LabVIEW vi (attached below) that maintains a one minute buffer (6,000 scan at 100 Hz) that is constantly being updated with new data. It always has the most recent data. A loop counter counts to 6000 x 6 to enable the file write operation. Therefore, every six minutes, one minute of data is written to the text file. After one hour, the file holds 60,000 rows of data.




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Our measurement settings are quite large, which leads to the data storage consuming a considerable amount of space. We need to conduct real-time measurements over a period of two months, and managing the storage capacity with these large data sets is proving to be a challenge.

First of all, I sincerely appreciate the answers you have provided so far. However, I have some specific requirements that I still need to address:

1. I need to use 'Analog 1D Wfm' instead of 'Analog 2D DBL'.

2. Looking at the block diagram you provided, I noticed that 'sample per channel' is set to 10. However, due to the characteristics of our sensor, it needs to be set to 8,000,000. Also, the 'sampling rate' should be set to 200,000Hz, not 100 as shown in your diagram.

3. The block diagrams we have sent as examples have been adjusted for our actual measurements and are optimal settings, so we need to maintain these settings(DAQv3.vi, _qna.vi).

4. Lastly, it seems that the data is adjusted to save the measurements at desired intervals. However, I want to implement a method where only the measurements taken every 10 seconds for a duration of 1 minute, 60 minutes after the hour, are saved.

In other words, I want to save data only for a duration of 1 minute every hour, and during this 1 minute, I want to save data 6 times for every 10 seconds.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance or assistance in achieving this. I would be extremely grateful if you could really help me.

Best regards,






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