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Dear Sir/Madam,

                            I am having  Zed Board having Zynq SoC.  I have bought WiLink8 wifi module and i want to integrate this module on mine Zed Board.The brief overview of this module you can find on this link:-http://zedboard.org/product/wilink-8-adaptor. On this link they have provided some scripts file for the MicroZed Board. These scripts are pre written for MircoZed Board and they are using some Yocto Linux for this.Also these scripts are at some repository which is not accessible.

                      So the problem this ......I am very novice to embedded linux development and i can not use these scripts for mine Zed Board. Can you please tell me a link/video/suggestion/refernece design which can discuss the step by step process for the integration of WiLink8 wifi module with mine ZedBoard on this Yocto linux from scratch.





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I can't really comment on the ZedBoard.org materials, we didn't put those together. I'd recommend asking for help porting the microzed materials to the zedboard on the zedboard.org forums.

Although those materials use yocto, I would recommend using petalinux as your build environment, because it provides much easier integration into the vivado tools. The good news is that the ZedBoard is widely supported with petalinux, and Xilinx actually provides a "BSP" petalinux project for the Zedboard on their website right next to the download for petalinux itself. 

As for accomplishing your task, your first step is to become comfortable with petalinux on your zedboard. The best way to do this is to follow this guide:


You can download the BSP for the Zedboard in the Downloads section of the Xilinx website. Once you do that, you can use it to create a petalinux project as detailed in the guide above. An important note to understand is that the hardware folder in the petalinux project that gets created from the BSP will contain a Vivado IPI project. You will need to modify that project and re-import it into petalinux for your intended application.

Once you become familiar with petalinux, here are the broad-strokes of what you will need to do:

1) open up the ZedBoard BSP Vivado IPI project and route the unused SDIO controller to some Pmods over EMIO. You should be able to refer to the microzed based materials from Avnet for details on how the SDIO signals need to be connected to the pmods.

2) build your design, and export the hdf

3) Import the hdf into the petalinux project that you created using the zedboard BSP

4) You will need to use petalinux-config -c kernel to include the wilink 8 driver. You may also need to modify the device tree. You should refer to the microzed materials, and general documentation for the wilink 8 linux driver for info on this.

5) Run petalinux build and test out your system.

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