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USB-TEMP Readings



There is a discrepancy of readings from USB-TEMP and a digital multi-meter when connecting USB-TEMP to NTC.

The discrepancy is about 10 to 20% between USB-TEMP & digital multi-meter (ohm readings). The discrepancy getting higher as the temperature increases.

We have keyed in the correct Steinhart-Hart Coefficients in the Instacal setup.


The setup is No Scale (as we want the measured value to be RESISTANCE.)


We are using 2-wire NTC, single-sensor configuration.


Can you please advise what is the possible cause of discrepancy in readings from InstaCal  and ohmmeter ?

Thank you.



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Instead of probing the input terminals, they could use a resistor to simulate a temperature. Take, for instance, this thermistor profile. For this 10k thermistor, a 270 ohm resistance should return a temperature close to 134 degrees C. Use a 1% or 0.1% resistor for best results. 

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