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Technical support: PCI-DIO96 and PCI-DIO96H

chuck at SenTek


We were exclusively using the PCI-DIO96 and due to long lead times were told by Diligent that the PCI-DIO96H was identical to the PCI-DIO96 except high voltage. Since we weren't using the High Voltage part of the board, this should be a plug and play. We reviewed all of the pin outs for each and concluded the same. We took the PCI-DIO96H board to a customer to replace and it was not the same. Fortunately, we had (2) of the new PCI-DIO96 boards and was able to make a direct swap. This was extremely frustrating and embarrassing in front of our customer. What is the I/O mapping difference between the PCI-DIO96 vs the PCI-DIO96H circuit boards. They are not the same. If this is a major difference, then we will need to return (12) PCI-DIO96H boards.



Chuck Weaver


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Size is one different thing. The PCI-DIO96H is a longer board. The two boards have identical 50-pin connector assignments, the same port numbering scheme, and the same programming functions. For the majority of our PCI-DIO96 and PCI-DIO96H customers, the two boards operate the same. However, if your application bypasses our driver and writes directly to the hardware registers on the board, the two are incompatible. The following are the board register maps.




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