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How to download the files for ZedBoard AVNET Configuration and Booting Guide ("reference design").



Where can i find for downloading the following files mentioned as "reference design" in  the "ZedBoard Configuration and Booting Guide"?

BOOT.BIN: Boot image of First Stage Boot Loader (FSBL), PL bistream, and GPIO test application.

bootimage.bif: Boot image information text file.

cp_from_sdk.bat: Batch file to copy hardware bitstream and software executables from the SDK workspace.

gpio_test_0.elf: The golden ARM executable for the GPIO test application.

load_bits.tcl: TCL script to load the PL bitstream via XMD.

make_bootbin.bat: Batch file to run the command to create the boot image file.

ps7_init.tcl: TCL script to initialize the ARM processor.

run_gpio_test.bat: Batch file to run the commands to load the PL bitstream of the hardware design, initialize the processor, and download the GPIO test

run_uboot.bat: Batch file to run the commands to initialize the processor and download the u-boot application.

system.bit: The golden FPGA bitstream of the hardware design required to run the GPIO test application.

u-boot_autoboot_disabled.elf: The golden ARM executable for the u-boot application used to program the QSPI Flash.

xmd.ini: Command file used by XMD to configure the PL with the hardware bitstream, initialize the processor, and download the software applications.

zynq_fsbl_0.elf: The golden ARM executable for the Zynq FSBL.doc: Contains documentation for this design:

pa: Contains the PlanAhead hardware project and SDK workspace files and folders.

SDK_sw: Contains the GPIO test software application source files.

boot_image_golden.zip: Contains pre-built BOOT.BIN boot image for this design.

demo_golden.zip: Contains the golden copies of the files in the demo folder.

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Hi @mvernengo,

I don't know which exact guide you are referring to (I'm not readily seeing it on the Avnet page, nor within Digilent's provided material), but the Out Of Box demo material is available in the Additional Resources of the Zedboard Resource Center: https://digilent.com/reference/programmable-logic/zedboard/start#additional_resources.


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Please refer to the "ISE 14.1 Version" download under ZedBoard Configuration and Booting Guide in the Reference Designs tab of this page on Avnet's site: https://www.avnet.com/wps/portal/us/products/avnet-boards/avnet-board-families/zedboard/. Note that both because this is material developed outside of Digilent, and because it's very outdated - ISE is not supported on Windows 10 - we will be unable to provide much if any help if you run into issues with it.



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