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Eclypse Z7 sd card boot procedures



can we follow a single file boot procedure like this.

This command petalinux-package --wic generates petalinux-sdimage.wic file and its used in the following command to flash sdcard. Is this step ok for flashing sdcard and booting petalinux on Z7?

Sudo dd if=petalinux-sdimage.wic of=/dev/sd<X> conv=fsync


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As long as that image starts with a fat partition containing BOOT.BIN (includes a fsbl) the boot process should start. The rest of the process follows the image instructions.
By default the boot partition should contain BOOT.BIN, boot.scr, image.ub. last two files are required for u-boot but other files can replace them.

Try inspecting petalinux-sdimage.wic image.
Eg.  use `losetup` tool in linux or
mount -o loop,offset=<bytes count> <imagefile> /mount/point
To find offset use fdisk -lu <imagefile> and multiply start sector number for partition you want to mount by 512
usually 2048 or 4096 for first partition => 1048576 respectively 2097152

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