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webtemp TCP/IP devices freeze

Todd Westcoat


We use web-temp 8 channel for simply transmitted temp and or powered temp/humid probes.  Want to ask community if USB devices are better.  I have all Webtemps except 2 in server room but would like to convert 3-5 to USB devices if we think they are less prone to failure.  

I have temperature on freezers and pharmacy rooms and I cannot be missing data.  We measure every 5 minutes but need once per hour.  

Reseting a webtemp once it freezes up requires a power cycle.  

Please suggest MCC 8 or more channel devices to replace my TCP/IP webtemps unless the latest version is better and will not freeze up on me.  Or it senses and resets itself.  


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Hello @Todd Westcoat.

When did this issue begin to appear?  Any changes with your network infrastructure or Windows OS updates at that time?

When using a USB device, the host system is connected directly to the USB device and typically within 2 meters.  An Ethernet device can be further away from a host system.  

The USB-TEMP device has similar features as the WEB-TEMP.




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Issues started a few years ago.  We installed USB power switch devices and reset Web-temp.  I put on a Sales Engineer ticket to get quote or call.  

We bought new webtemps to ensure that they were most recent.  They work great but every once in a while lock up.  Which I cannot have anymore. 

Need quote for new units.  But wish I could demo a USB-TEMP.  I want to be sure.  

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