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sd card boot for Eclypse Z7



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Hi @Mania,

1.a If your petalinux build is set to use a ramdisk (rootfs is included in image.ub) then you format your sd card to fat32 and place BOOT.bin, boot.scr image.ub on the sd card.
1.b If your petalinux build is set to use a SD (rootfs is on a separate partition of sd ) then you partition the sd card in 2 partitions. First a fat32 about 100Mb containing BOOT.bin, boot.scr image.ub. A second ext3/4 partition the remaining space on the sd card you mount that partition and write to it the content of rootfs.tar.gz

2. Place a single jumper on JP5, shorting the two rightmost pins (labeled “SD”).
3. For debugging you can connect to a serial console on micro usb (labeled "PROG").

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