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Hello, I am wondering if there are any USB-1608G example programs out there that I can use to create a datalogger to log data until a stop signal is seen on one of the digital pins. I want to stay away from AInScan since using MemoryBuffers is not what I want to do, but if thats the only best method I will try to implement something with that.

Please redirect me to the right place to perfect my application and get it running. I dont have access to the UL example programs either. So a link to that will also be appreaciated.

Thank you in advance.

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I've attached a C# example that logs data to a file. Create a C# Console Application. Replace the contents of the Program.cs file with attached code. Then right-mouse-click the Reference project folder, choose Add Reference, select Extensions, and somewhere in the list is MccDaq. Select it and add it to the project.


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