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MCC-DRV Folder is not showing in my DASYLab 2022 (Basic) Evaluation Version

Syed Sibtul Hassan Sherazi


Hi All,

I am using MC USB 202 (8 inputs, 2 Analog outputs with 10kS/s and using Windows 10 Home and have 4.00 GB RAM and a 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor. 

I have also Instacal 6.74 Windows from the Digilent Website and then DASYLab 2022. 

From the Instacal 6.74, I have added my device and the LED is on in my device. 

I have also checked .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8, both are active and I have Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 (x86) as well. 

Could you please tell me the reason why the MCC-DRV Folder is not showing in DASYLab 2022?  

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.




2. InstaCal 6.73.PNG

3. Control Panel.PNG


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Run the DASYLab Configurator utility, which requires administrator privileges. Select the Packages tab and then click the plus sign next to Data Acquisition. Find Measurement Computing in the Data Acquisition driver list and enable it. Pressing OK will start an installation program; when finished, you will have MCC-DRV. 

I noticed your Programs and Features list has DASYLab Support Drivers, which is IOtech support and has nothing to do with the USB-202. You can uninstall it if you don't have IOtech equipment, such as a DaqBook/2005 or PersonalDaq/3000.


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Deactivate the Measurement Computing and Newport/Omega OMB drivers and exit the Configurator. Restart the Configurator and enable Measurement Computing only.  Also, if Measurement & Automation Explorer from National Instruments is not installed, deactivate NI-DAQmx too. 


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