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USB-3106 0-20mA connections..



I am trying to use the current outputs on a USB-3106 module.

The device i am connecting it to has the following connections Signal input, GND and 12VDC. I have tried connecting AGND to GND and IOUT to Signal Input - does not work.

The manual is a little confusing....

Any ideas??

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Hello @keef44.

Are you using the USB-3106 in place of 4-20mA sensors only to test your PCB design?

Is the +12VSAFE used by your 4-20mA sensors and/or your PCB design?



Is your 12 VDC supply voltage isolated from ground (floating) or grounded?

With that, then you can determine whether to use the left-side or right-side of figure 6 in the USB-3106 User's Guide.





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