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  1. Just tried something - if i wire it up like this... It works with 1 x channel connected - but with 2 x channels, the signal seen is at 50% of what it should be on each input.
  2. I am still unable to get this to work.... I have also tried using a 0-10VDC output with a 500R resistor in series to my devices input - does not work either, only reads up to 8mA?
  3. I want to use the USB-3106 to simulate the sensors - for software testing. +12VSAFE is normally used to provide power to the remote sensors. The +12VSAFE is grounded.
  4. Its own device.... See the image attached which shows an example input circuit. The PCB is designed to work with 2 wire 4-20mA sensors (so the sensor has Signal (4-20mA), GND and 12VDC supply voltage.
  5. I am trying to use the current outputs on a USB-3106 module. The device i am connecting it to has the following connections Signal input, GND and 12VDC. I have tried connecting AGND to GND and IOUT to Signal Input - does not work. The manual is a little confusing.... Any ideas??
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