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USB-1616HS-2 Digital output signal conversion



I have a USB-1616HS-2 that I am using to collect data and would like to use the digital outputs to control power relays that operate various relays.  The spec sheet states output high is >2.0V (I'm measuring 2.5 to 3.3, pending on what channel) and 1.0mA per pin.  This device has the TR-2U power supply attached.  

How do I go about converting this low voltage/low amp signal to something larger that can operate a relay that require 10-15ma and 5+ VDC.  This is definitely not my area of expertise, so bear with me if the answer is simple.  

Appreciate your time.

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If you have a 5-volt supply, connect it (+5v) to the positive relay terminal. Connect the negative relay terminal to the USB-1616HS-2 digital output and connect the 5-volt supply ground to the USB-1616HS-2 digital ground. When the output is turned on (low), current will flow from +5 to ground through the digital output turning on the relay. If this fails, you could get a MOSFET transistor and wire it similarly using the digital output to control the MOSFET gate.


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