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Basic Waveform Generation



Using the USB-1024LS: Digital I/O device with 24 digital I/O I would like to configure all 24 bits of I/O as outputs and be able to create output waveforms with the 24 bits. Maybe in a script or macro type environment. For example, will the software allow me to create a "Switch" and if i click on the switch ON/OFF it will create a pattern something like this for a switch ON condition:

Set 20 digital I/O port pins to <TBD>

Delay 100ms

Set 1 digital I/O high

Delay 100ms

Set 1 digital I/O low

This would simulate a data bus processor write - a very slow version - but would meet my test needs.

Then I repeat that sequence for 15 other switches so I can independently control/simulate basic processor writes controlling ON/OFF of particular I/O patterns.

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You can write values to the USB-1024LS as fast as 100 Hz. It has two 8-bit and two 4-bit ports. If you were updating all of them, you could do it as quickly as 25 Hz.

A better device is the USB-DIO32HS. It has two 16-bit ports that can updated much like the USB-1024LS, but you can also configure it to write buffered data at a designated speed, like 1 MHz. You could create an array of patterns and stream it from the port. The two 16-bit ports can also act as one 32-bit port. The only thing it doesn't do is bidirectional communication.


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