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generating an analog output using DAQami for the USB-3105




I have a question regarding the process of generating an analog output using DAQami for the USB-3105.

I'm having trouble changing the output signal's frequency.

On Measurement Computing's YouTube channel, they right-click to access the 'Signal Type,' where they can switch to 'Waveform' and adjust the signal's frequency and amplitude. However, when I try the same steps, the option to change the 'Signal Type' doesn't appear for me. I'm wondering if there's a solution to this issue.

I wonder if the original usb-3105 product cannot freely change the frequency or if another setting of DAQami is needed.

And could you recommend alternative software compatible with the USB-3105?

Thank you.




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The USB-3105 has no internal time base for generating waveforms, so DAQami only lets you use a slider to change the voltage. Consider using the USB-3101FS. It has a single internal time base that controls the four channels and can be set up to 100 kHz. 

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Thank you for your response.

With TracerDAQ software, I was able to change the frequency of the USB-3105's analog output in a very small range of 100mHz to 500mHz.

Is there any way to set the frequency of the signal differently for each channel?

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