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Dear All

This is Milo from OMEGA Engineering who sales  OM-USB-3105 and The original manufacturer is Digilent

In the mean time, There is a customer who has  OM-USB-3105 is asking some questions.

Because i am not engineer but sales manager, I do not have enough inform to provide feed back to my customer

Could you please kindly advise me?



1. The range of base frequency is 100 mHz to 500 mHz.

   Is there way to use more wide range of base frequency under 100 mHz to over 500 mHz?


   According to him, He needs to generate 1 kHz



2. OM-USB-3105 has 16 CHs.


   Is it possible for  OM-USB-3105 that each channel makes different frequency.







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The USB-3105 cannot generate 1 kHz waveforms. This is because the maximum update rate is 100 Hz for a single channel - 50 Hz for two channels. So divide 100 by the number of channels to determine updates per second. A typical sine wave needs 100 points, which means a single channel could output a 1 Hz sine wave.


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