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I have a customer returned device that appears to be shorting on them. They have several of these devices and are very familiar with them. Here are details of their usage and a schematic of how they have the device hooked up:




This MDQ configuration for our application was my original design. The configuration was a simple sinking signal that would utilize one of the ground ports and four signal ports from the MDQ. Essentially four sensors were connected to 4 relays to send a sink signal to the MDQ whenever something was moved or removed from the sensors. This configuration has worked on now 3 MDQ's that we have ordered from you all and the circuits tested beforehand before shipped on our systems to customer sites. 


Unfortunately, this RMA'd MDQ was purchased to quickly ship to a customer's site due to their system being down and in need of a replacement MDQ. This resulted in this MDQ not being tested preemptively and we found the MDQ to be sort of dead-on arrival when our service technician applied it back into the circuit that had already been known to be working with a previous MDQ. The Technician concluded after several tests that there appeared to be a short somewhere on the device that would make it appear to be functional, but we were not able to produce any sort of comprehensive signal to neither the device, nor the software. Our conclusion upon receiving the device back from the service technician was a short to the GND side of the circuit internal to the MDQ and the device was in need for RMA.


The serial number of the device is 219D575

Screenshot 2023-11-03 142653.png

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