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Stoping the USB2523 and USB2627 during data acquisition

Coy C


I'm updating a legacy C# project using a USB2523 to use a USB2627. With the new driver for Win10 64bit, the board appears to continue to acquire data after being aborted in mid data acquisition. This prevents the system from starting data acquisition again because the board is busy and not available. Given some time, the board must time out as it once again becomes available and data acquisition can be started. The following call is being used to stop the board.


Is this the correct way to stop the board during data acquisition? If so, do you have any suggestions about what I need to do to fix this issue?

Also, can you point me to example projects written in C# and C++?

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The USB-2627 does not have DaqInScan functionality, so it's not possible to read the analog + digital + counter inputs simultaneously. Instead of the DaqInScan function, use AInScan for the analog inputs. The digital and counter inputs are read asynchronously. 

The correct way to stop a continuous scan is to use StopBackground. The problem you're experiencing could be related to DaqInScan. You can turn on error checking with cbErrHandling(PRINTALL, STOPALL) or check the return variable after each function call.

Installing InstaCal using our MCC DAQ Software CD download will install example programs to Public Documents.

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