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Counter model in USB-1208FS-Plus (UL)

Tony B Goode


Hi there,

I want to use the counter on my USB-1208FS-Plus by means of UL programming in C.

When I check the UL help, there are three counter configuration functions, for three different models of counters.

My question is: What counter is inside the SB-1208FS-Plus?

I check the datasheet, the user guide and the Hardware reference of UL help, but there is no info about the model of the counter. In the section Counter Hardware of UL help, the USB-1208FS-Plus doesn't appear.

Thanks in advanced for your help.


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In the UL Help, search for "USB-1208FS-PLUS". The search results should list USB-1208FS-PLUS and USB-1408FS-PLUS. This item will have most of the functions pertinent to your device. If you look under the Counter I/O section, you will see no configuration functions. This is because the counter operates strictly as a totalizer that counts. Use the function cbCIn32 to read its value. Although it is not listed, you should be able to use cbCClear to clear the count, if a reset is required.

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