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Voltage dropping to -10V after hardware paced scan using matlab




I am using Matlab with the USB-231 module to generate a Signal with a short duration. For higher sample rates, there occurs a strange voltage drop after my defined signal. The image 'minimums.png' shows the minimal recorded voltage for all the rates between 1000 S/s and 5000 S/s. There seem to be certain races where this problem does not occur. My questions would be whether this is an issue with my setup and if there are more stable rates where I can avoid these voltage drops.

The uploaded image 'example.png' was generated using 'example.m'. Input mode is configured to single channel and I connected AOUT1 to CH0H for this test.

  • InstaCal: 6.55
  • Matlab R2017b: 9.3
  • Data Acquisition Toolbox Support for Measurement Computing Hardware: 17.2.0
  • Windows 7 Enterprise: 6.1.7601

Thank you




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