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DASYLab Program Worksheet Stops After Initial Poll of RS-485 Devices



Dear Representative,

Hello and hope you are doing well! I have not needed support for  a few years because the system has been working well. But the system has stopped working and here’s what I’ve found.

First off, some info on the System… Running DASYLab Full 2016 version.

Hardware devices are the DGH 45xx thermistor and thermocouple 4-channel modules.

We have not updated Windows 10 (off-network) to keep it compatible with this version of DASYLab.

Attached is a copy of the current worksheet.

I can manually send serial commands from the worksheet COM moduleà Monitor window and the modules respond with correct information.

Hardware and wiring have not changed and look good. Any suggestions of fixes would be appreciated (very appreciated)!

Thank you,

Tim Wilson


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I replaced the RS 232 COM module with a Generator, and the worksheet appears to work. I see the meters changing. If your meters are not changing, then there is a problem with the DGH 45 device. Please make a new worksheet to test the RS 232 modules to ensure they return data. Also, the Separate modules are configured to ignore 5999 values, equivalent to one hour. Could it be that you are not waiting long enough for to something happen?

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