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USB1408FS picking up noise passed from laptop via USB



We are picking up noise originating from the laptop that we use to connect to the USB1408FS and need suggestions for methods or devices to isolate the USB1408FS USB connection so that the noise is not transferred from the laptops.  We have tried this with another laptop and the noise is lower but still present.  And we've tried a different USB cable.  We are using the ones supplied with the USB1408FS.

Interestingly, the noise becomes greater when the barrel plug is inserted into the laptop from the power supply cable whether the power supply cable is plugged into the 120VAC source or not. But even when not plugged in, we are getting noise.  

There are some USB isolators on the market but I am not sure if they will work.  They also want to know USB characteristics I am not very fam iliar with like data speed.   So any additional information about USB1408FS requirements - particularly USB version and current requirements - will be appreciated too.

Ideas needed, please.

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