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OEM Board Mountability

Henry Walker


I am embarking on a project with a team to construct a robot, and for navigation purposes, I will need a DAQ system. However, the team is considering between getting the MCC DAQ boards as is or rather their OEM versions.

For this, I would like to ask: how would the OEM versions be mounted, e.g., on a larger PCB?

In case it would help, the DAQ boards we are considering are:

  1. MCC USB-1608FS-Plus
  2. MCC USB-1604HS-2AO
  3. MCC USB-1808X

I thank you kindly in advance for any assistance provided!


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The USB-1608FS-Plus-OEM board has a slot on all four corners to mount the board. The USB-1808X-OEM has holes instead of slots. Refer to the user manual for the mechanical drawing. 



There is no OEM version of the USB-1604HS-2AO.


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