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Issues with Installing Daqhats Library on Rasberry Pi 4.0:





    I am having issues installing the daqhats library onto a Rasberry Pi 4.0. It was able to successfully install the package However after following the instructions from this website: https://mccdaq.github.io/daqhats/install.html

 I included the images of the package having a successful installation. However the main issue was that I had trouble running the commands daqhats_list_boards even running sudo. I am not sure what type of command or installation I am missing from this process. Has anyone had any issues similar to this?


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Ensure that you have an MCC board installed and at address 0. Then uninstall what you have and ensure that your system is up to with sudo apt full-upgrade followed by sudo reboot.

After updating, reinstall the driver and try the Accessories' MCC DAQ HAT Manager utility. If you continue to experience trouble, try another MCC board or a different Raspberry PI board. 



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