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USB-3103 OUT0 Range Not 10 V

Bryan Bellottie


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Hello @Bryan Bellottie.

We do not specify the voltage output when the device is initially connected to a USB port.  However, after configuring the device in InstaCal, the voltage output should drop to near 0 V.  Please note that output transients will appear when the host PC is reset, powered on, etc.  The output transient specifications are in the user's guide.


Does that help clarify your concern or is analog output channel 3 not functioning properly otherwise?



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I checked the voltage output while configured in InstaCal.  It does drop to near 0 V.

Our k-Space application is code is written with an USB-3103 OUT0 range of 0 - 10 V.

While connected to the k-Space application the maximum is only 5 V.  Normally this range is 0 - 10 V.

I don't see any other issues with any other channels.

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@Bryan Bellottie,

Got it now.  Thank you.  So analog output channel 0 only goes up to 5 V (max), when configured for a 0 - 10 V range.  Did you verify the output with InstaCal's DAC Output Test and no leads connected to channel OUT0 other than a multimeter?  If that is the case, then the device would appear to be defective.  Send me the device's serial number as shown in InstaCal or on the backside label to determine the age of this device and whether or not it can be repaired (or replaced).

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