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  1. I verified OUT0 channel with DAC Output Test with a DVM. Value is 4.997 V. USB-3103 serial number: 211254A Appreciate the help. Best Regards, Bryan
  2. Thanks. I checked the voltage output while configured in InstaCal. It does drop to near 0 V. Our k-Space application is code is written with an USB-3103 OUT0 range of 0 - 10 V. While connected to the k-Space application the maximum is only 5 V. Normally this range is 0 - 10 V. I don't see any other issues with any other channels.
  3. USB-3103 OUT3 channel reads 5 V. Usually, OUT3 ships at 10 V.
  4. USB-3103 S/N: 2065A40 board is damaged, will not install on Windows. Not recognized in InstaCal 6.73.
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