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Configurable differential DAQ system



I'm currently using the MCC USB-1608 data acquisition (DAQ) system along with LabVIEW in my application. Initially, I started with single-ended mode measurements, but in pursuit of better resolution and reduced noise, I now need to switch to differential mode. The challenge lies in the need for flexibility to select different differential pairs. For example, I require the ability to configure channel 5 and channel 9 to form a differential pair.

However, when I configure the DAQ to differential mode, it pairs channel 5 with 6 and channel 9 with 10 by default. I'm considering designing a 16x16 multiplexer board to address this issue. But before proceeding with that, I'm wondering if you have any off-the-shelf DAQ systems that offer this level of configurability.

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Hello @wavemode.

The USB-1608G Series can be configured for 16 single-ended or 8 differential analog input channels, in InstaCal.  This configuration must be decided by the end-user before using the device in LabVIEW.  Please reference page 10 in the user's guide for the channel mode pinout.


The MCC USB-2416-4AO device supports 16 differential analog input channels.  Please review the device's specifications to determine if it is suitable for your application.




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Hi @FaustoThank you for your prompt reply. I knew how to configure the USB-1608G for 8 differential analog inputs using InstaCal.I've encountered another issue. When I configure ch0 as differential input, ch0 and ch8 set to ch0H and ch0L, and it is fixed.

However, in my application, I require the flexibility to change the differential pairs dynamically. For example, I may need to measure voltage between ch0 and ch1 as a differential input, and then a few seconds later, I might need to measure voltage between ch0 and ch2, and this pairing will continuously change. Therefore, I need a DAQ system that allows me to configure differential pairs using LabVIEW. do you have any other product that has this feature.

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