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Request for Windows 7 Personal DAQ Model 55/56 Device Drivers Source Code



There is no device driver for this device in Windows 10. The drivers all seem to be Windows 7 at the latest. I was wondering if it would be possible to write drivers for the Windows 10 version, and if there is any access to the source code to try to convert it.

If there is no access to source code, are there any suggestions on how to approach this?


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We do not hand out source code even for discontinued products. 

The PersonalDaq/55/56 driver was never certified to run on Windows 10 or 11. However, I have customers who have made it work.  This includes me because I have it working on Windows 11. To enable the meters the software must be run as an administrator. 

You must use the following version 2.2.1.


With the software installed, plug in your PersonalDaq/56 and watch its green power LED next to the USB port. If the LED turns off after 20-30 seconds, your computer’s USB may not be up to the task. The LED must stay one. If, after a minute, the LED is still on,  the software should work. 


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