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where to find installation of QuickDAQ ?



Hi, I am user of MeasurementPoint_ETHERNET  DT8874.
I have QuickDAQ Version, i could connect it with out DT8874 but i can not configure the chanels of use any of it.
I tried to reinstall, but no luck. A collegue has QuickDAQ with higher Version and i managed to connect and configure it.
But none of us can find this version of QuickDAQ anymore.
Can you help us finding the installation for QuickDAQ

under is picture of the not working configuration page from Version .46


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I tried to install from Omni CD. on start page I cant find Measurement_Ethernet, so i cant configure or device.
can i get only installation for QuickDAQ
Because it works on another PC, we just cant find the installation data.

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