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USB-1608G showing values with floating inputs



Out of the box experience: USB-1608G, with floating inputs displays values.
Tried running example AIn with two SE inputs connected. The result for CH(0) and CH(1) were correct. CH(2) - CH(15) are floating floating. Why am I seeing values, for CH(2) - CH(15)? 

Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 3.54.53 PM.png

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The USB-1608G inputs are high impedance and are designed to be connected to low-impedance signal sources. When the inputs are left floating or open, they can charge to any value, which is normal. To an analog input, nothing connected appears as a very high-impedance signal. If you're creating a LabVIEW app that may sometimes use a different number of channels, reading a floating input hurts nothing. If you know the channel will not be used, don't use or display its data.


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