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DT9834 specifications



I am trying to determine some specifications of the DT9834-8-4-16-BNC and have an idea but want to confirm that these capabilities are accurate.

For output resolution, with +/- 10V output range listed in the specifications, is there any way to change this to +/- 5V to achieve a higher resolution? It specifies input ranges being capable of +/- 10,5,2.5,1.25V, but for output it only specifies +/- 10V. Values I am trying to output are precise down to the microvolt, but a gain can be applied to receive the desired precision if the output voltage range can be manipulated as the values I am working with are very low (20-100mV).

I wanted to confirm that simultaneous output of different waveforms can be achieved, from the datasheet, it appears it is capable of this as long as the sample size of each output channel waveform is identical. 

For the frequency output, with a max sampling rate of 128k/channels, if using 4 output channels it can achieve 32k per channel, or reliably 16k/channel according to the sampling theorem. I want to say for reliability's sake 0.8*16k = 12.8k max sampling rate for each channel of all four outputs are being utilized. Does this device have anti-aliasing at the output to compensate for this or are my estimates accurate?

Thank you for the continued support.


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The analog output is always +/- 10 volts. Have you tried using a voltage divider to reduce the signal? A 10k and a 2.7k ohm series divider can reduce a 10-volt signal to approximately 2 volts.

The DT9834 drives the outputs with a single D/A clock and 128k buffer. All active channels are simultaneous. There is no output filtering. 


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