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My application is to monitor ambient temperature in real-time. I am planning to connect a thermocouple to the USB-2001-TC, and make the USB connection with a PC to retrieve temperature data using my custom application. What is the requirement to develop a C# application in Windows using USB-2001-TC? or what else do I need to make this work? Thanks. 

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The only requirement to use C# is to add the MccDaq DLL reference to your project. In the Solution Explorer, right-mouse-click the project and choose Add->Reference. Select Extensions, locate and add MccDaq. If MccDaq is missing, it means that you have not installed the InstaCal utility. I've attached an example that shows how to read temperature. Create a 32-bit C# console project, add the reference, and copy the program code into the program.cs module replacing what's there. 



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