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Simulate a sensor output using a DT9834



Given data sets providing a trigger, x, y, and z axis values, I would like to simulate sensor data using a DT9834 and a STP37. I have not implemented a DT9834 in any application before and am attempting to familiarize myself with the functions. Would LabView be able to achieve this, or will I need to use DT-Open Layers net framework? DT-Open Layers states that it is functional with Visual Studio 2003-2010, am I able to implement this framework on Visual Studio 2022 on a Windows 10 machine? I am hoping for some direction on the best tool to use to simulate this sensor data on the output channels of the DT9834, and from there figure out how to achieve the function I am looking for. 


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You should be able to output your data if the data set size is within 128k / 3. 

I've run some Data Translation dot net examples with Visual Studio 2022. Because the latest solution file is from Visual Studio 2005, it will be upgraded automatically when opened.

Depending on your skill, either LabVIEW or Visual Studio will work.

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