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DT9834 Capabilities



Trying to use the DT9834 to output 4 different voltages, also have a STP37 board and the EP333 cable. Is the DT9834 capable of loading data from file to output four different pre-programmed voltages? Could a GUI be developed to load different sets of output data and provide feedback through the in/out channels? Have been studying the manual and cannot determine if it is capable for my intended use. Thank you.

update: It appears I can implement my use case by using LabView and the DT9834 analog out connections into an STP37, with the program being capable of being put on a USB with an executable and the LabView run time engine. Does this sound correct?

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Page 91 in the user manual describes the analog output capabilities. The device has a 128k sample buffer that is shared among the outputs. You can load the buffer with data and send it out through the analog output.  The DT OpenLayers dot net programming support includes an example called WriteBufferedDataAsVolts that you can review.


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