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PCIE-DAS1602/16 compatible drivers



I have tried to install some new PCIE-DAS1602/16 cards into a new windows 11 PC with latest 13th gen Intel CPU. I installed MCC driver software 6.00 from the archive because it is the last version to support Delphi (our 32 bit software is written in Delphi). The cards were unrecognised in device manager and Instacal did not detect them. My understanding is version 6.00 should work with these cards.
Just to check, I installed the latest MCC driver software 6.75 and it seemed to work. Problem is the latest software is not compatible with Delphi programs.
Does anyone know why version 6.00 doesn't recognise the cards? Is it a windows 11 compatibility issue? Is there a work around to make it function?

Alternatively is there a way to make version 6.75 to work with Delphi? I did find the link below but am not sure what is meant by using old header file.


Any help will be much appreciated.

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Version 6.00 uses driver signatures that are incompatible with the latest Windows 10 and 11 versions. We updated the signature several years back to comply with Microsoft's recommendations. Version 6.60 was the first release with the updated signatures. Windows 11 also required changes to InstaCal. As a result,  6.72 and later support Windows 11. 


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Ok understood. Seems I'll have to use a modern driver.

I'll try to use the old header file for Delphi compatibility. Could you explain how to do this? Which file is the header file? Is it just a simple swap of files?

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