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DT9824 single-ended input and software interface



I am considering purchasing a DT9824 for a data logging solution, and I have two questions about its operation

1) In the manual it appears to only support differential input. Is there any recommendation for how to wire a single-ended signal to the device? Should I simply connect the signal to the V+ terminal, and ground the V- terminal?


2) My existing test infrastructure is automated via Python. Is there any recommended method to automate a simultaneous data acquisition from all four channels to a file using Python? I found this wrapper around the DataAcq SDK but it appears to operate at a fairly low level and would require a fair amount of programming. https://gitlab1.ptb.de/dnn/dtdaq/-/tree/master/

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If you wire the (-) terminal to a grounding point and the (+) terminal to signal, you've effectively created a single-ended connection. 

The Data Translation devices do not include Python support, and we don't support third-party wrappers. Instead, take a look at the USB-2408. It's a 24-bit device and includes Python support.


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