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MCC DAQ C#/.NET Library




I'm attempting to develop an application using the MCCDAQ .NET Univeral Library

For some reason, all of the provided .NET program examples fail to detect any analog or digital inputs on the Omega board being used.  I've verified that it is indeed set to board 0.  However,  the board IO detection fails.



The InstaCal program seems to detect everything as expected.  However, this or a variation of this is what happens in the example programs. 

This is the board being used...  


The program that was compiled and ran that generated the error show above is


The IntaCal program was closed down in all case prior to running the example program.

Any help with this would be appreciated.


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We have devices for measuring temperature, others for voltage measurements, and a few that can do both. You have an E-TC that is dedicated to measuring thermocouples. Voltage devices use the Ain and AinScan functions. Dedicated temperature devices use TIn and TInScan. Long story short, ULAIO2 is not compatible with the E-TC. If you could, instead, try the example ULTIO2.

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