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24 analog channels on a Raspberry Pi




For a new project I have the following requirements :

  • 12 input analog channels sampling at 100kHz, synchronized with the same clock if possible,
  • 12 input analog channels sampling at ~1Hz,
  • 3 digital outputs,
  • 1 digital input

Real-time processing is minimal, a FIFO of samples and a threshold trigger.

In a first phase of the project we successfully used the USB-1608FS-Plus to sample 4 channels at 100kHz.

My questions are :

1 ) Do you have information on whether a Raspberry Pi 4B+ can handle this workload ?

2 ) What combination of MCC boards would you recommend ?

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I'm sorry, but I don't have throughput numbers on how much data a Raspberry PI 4B+ can handle. MCC doesn't test multiple device combinations. It is up to you to try; because of this, we have a 30-day return policy. I would try using two USB-2627, each with six channels running at 100k S/s (600k S/s aggregate).  An external clock output can be used for synchronization, and it supports the BURSTMODE scan option that instructs the board to sample the channels 1uS apart.

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