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External-Digital not a trigger option on Daqami

Philip Schenck


I am using a USB-2416-4AO device with Daqami.  I am trying to configure a digital input to be a start and stop trigger, but the only option I have is manual for start and manual/sample count for stop.  Is there an option I need to activate or a driver I need to install?



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The DAQami program is a simple logging and display application with limited features. It supports a digital start trigger if the device has a dedicated trigger input pin. General-purpose digital IO cannot be used for starting and stopping. One reason for this is that the eight digital lines are not tied into the analog input scan circuitry. 

The DASYLab software can be used to create an application that enables logging depending on how a digital bit is set. For example, a Relay module can gate the data flow, and a single line from the Digital Input module can control the Relay. 

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