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Clock signal on USB-1208FS-Plus

Luis Sanchez


Hello, I need to generate a pulse signal of at least 6.5KHz to apply to a stepper driver. I tried to enable and disable a digital output but I think it was not fast enough (I don´t have an oscilloscope at hand to measure the frequency).

What is the fastest the digital output can switch between on and off?

The Sync output can generate a clock signal? I tryed to do it in labview but I receive and error that this device does not support that feature.

Any idea to generate the 6.5Khz pulse?





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The USB-1208FS-Plus digital IO is limited to about 100 Hz in LabVIEW because the output is a polled operation. It cannot use the internal clock to make it run faster.

The sync output (pin 19) is active when an analog input is scanned. It outputs the same rate frequency with a fixed  +5 volt 10uS wide pulse.

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