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Two Digital Inputs and Two Analog Inputs Simultaneous Sampling with USB-1808X and Labview



Hello, this is my first post on the forum. I am trying to sample two digital inputs and two analog inputs simultaneously. I am initiating the sampling with the physical trigger port on the daq. I have already successfully been able to do this with one digital input and two analog inputs. I would just like to add one more digital input. Interestingly enough when I click the drop down arrow on the physical channels dialog box I can see all the analog input channels on the DAQ listed. However on the ports dialog box when I click the drop down box I only see the Dev0/AuxPort channel listed and no digital input channels listed. I have to manually type the Di0 onto the end. It also seems to work if I type just the Di1 onto the end.  When I type Di0:1 I get an error. Attached is a picture of the code working with two analog inputs and one digital input. I also included a picture of the way I tried to include a 2nd digital input and the error it gives me. Finally I included an image of the back panel. I am relatively new to using MCC DAQs and Labview so any help is appreciated. My VI is also included.

Back Panel.PNG

Dialog Box With Error.PNG

Works with 2 Analog Inputs 1 Digital Input.PNG

ULx Acq&Graph Voltage-Int Clk-Dig Start_v4.vi

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Hello @Conn_Buch.

In this composite scenario for the USB-1808X, the only digital input line option is the entire port (AUXPORT).  All lines are read, whether you have one signal connected to a digital input line or a signal connected to all four digital input lines.

In the ULx example, 'ULx Cont Acq&Graph Composite-Int Clk.vi', I connected a +5 V signal to the 'DIO0' and 'DIO3' lines.  The port decimal value was '9', since 'DIO0' has a value of 1 and 'DIO3' has a value of 8.  






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