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Inquiry on Simultaneous Independent Operation of USB-2020 DAQ Device Channels in LabVIEW




Dear Measurement Computing (MCC) Support Team,

I am reaching out because I am facing some difficulties in proficiently using the LabVIEW program, particularly in achieving the functionality I desire with the USB-2020 DAQ device. Specifically, I would like to operate both channels of the USB-2020 independently and simultaneously, but I find it challenging to implement this in LabVIEW. Additionally, I tried to follow the example provided earlier, and while I was able to drive a single channel successfully, I'm struggling to display the results of both channels simultaneously in one window.

I am seeking your guidance and support to help me achieve the following:

Simultaneous Independent Operation: I want to control both channels (Channel 0 and Channel 1) of the USB-2020 DAQ device independently and at the same time.

Displaying Results in One Window: After running the LabVIEW program, I would like to view the data from both channels simultaneously in a single LabVIEW window.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide me with step-by-step instructions or a LabVIEW example that demonstrates how to accomplish the above tasks with the USB-2020 DAQ device.

Thank you very much for your time and assistance. I look forward to your valuable guidance to resolve these challenges.

Best regards,

labview i did.PNG

screen I want to implement.PNG

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