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Inquiry Regarding Digital Signal Output on MCC Data Acquisition Board (Model: USB-1024HLS)



I am currently working on a project that involves sending digital signals through the available ports on the MCC data acquisition board. The board in question provides 24 ports, and the configuration for these ports is as follows:

Port A - bits 0 to 7 (8 bits) = FirstPortA
Port B - bits 8 to 15 (8 bits) = FirstPortB
Port C Low - bits 16 to 19 (4 bits) = FirstPortCL
Port C High - bits 20 to 23 (4 bits) = FirstPortCH

My goal is to utilize the full range of available ports to transmit signals beyond the initial 8 bits (bits 0 to 7). However, I have encountered an issue where I am unable to send a signal through the ports beyond the first 8 bits (Port A).

Here is a snippet of the code I have been using for configuring and sending the digital signal:


public void send_signal()


DaqBoard = new MccDaq.MccBoard(0);

int BitNum = 2;

// Configure FirstPortA for digital output

PortType = DigitalPortType.FirstPortA;

Direction = DigitalPortDirection.DigitalOut;

ULStat = DaqBoard.DConfigPort(PortType, Direction);


DigitalLogicState BitValue = DigitalLogicState.Low;

ULStat = DaqBoard.DBitOut(PortType, BitNum, BitValue);


The issue arises when sending signals through ports beyond the first 8 bits (Port A). While the code works flawlessly for Port A (bits 0 to 7), I cannot seem to transmit signals through Port B, Port C Low, or Port C High. The signal only propagates through the first 8 bits, and no output is observed beyond that.

to send the signal to the other port, I just change the  PortType = DigitalPortType.FirstPortA and change the bit value but it does not send the signal. 

I have reviewed the MCC data acquisition board documentation, and my code should correctly configure and address the desired ports. However, I am uncertain why signals are not being transmitted as expected for ports other than Port A.

How do I resolve this ??


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