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Is it possible to program a Kintex7 from beagle bone running linux?



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Hi @frankZ,

I'm presuming that the Kintex 7 in question has a 2x7 2mm JTAG header on it.

If you can get Adept running on the particular OS that you have on your Beagle Bone and Adept supports/detects the Kintex and you already have the bitstream generated, then yes this is possible in conjunction with the HS3.

Otherwise you can probably use something like OpenOCD or xc3sprog to configure the FPGA from the Beagle Bone (I haven't checked compatibility).

If you don't have the bitstream generated already though, you'll have to find some way of using Vivado as that is the only way I am aware of with regards to being able to actually generate bitstreams for Xilinx devices.


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