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DT9837A Sync Mode/ Master Slave/ Software Trigger



Hello, I am using 4 DT9837A modules, each connected to 4 IEPE single axis accelerometers. I would like to have synchronised data acquisition with software trigger. I have made a parallel connection of 4 RJ45 wires in the protoboard and tested it with QuickDAQ software. The python application I am making is on UL for Linux(Uldaq-1.2.3 library). 

From the Uldaq-1.2.3 documentation I have included is AoConfig(), set_sync_mode() and MASTER SLAVE configuration in my code. But I get the error ULError.CONFIG_NOT_SUPPORTED: Configuration not supported. For triggering all the options in the Uldaq-1.2.3 documentation is for external trigger. 

My aim is to sync all the devices with a software trigger. I would appreciate any assistance on this. Thanks in advance. 

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